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The outsourced Last Mile industry offers clients an extraordinary service and cost flexibility. But that same diversity creates challenges for users of Last Mile services. How can a company leverage these cost and service advantages yet efficiently manage service, communications and costs? International Shipping DeliveryFPC creates a virtual local delivery network that links together the very best local carriers in every market in the US and Canada. We enable shippers (retailers, manufacturers and distributors) to outsource their local delivery needs nationally.

  • Aggregate carriers to create virtual North American delivery network
  • Provide real-time last mile shipment visibility
  • Electronic order injection
  • Leverage purchasing power
  • Uniform service and cost
  • Claims management
  • Technology platform optimizes quality and cost
  • One “reverse-audited” invoice for all deliveries
  • Provide fast access to back-up carriers

The International Shipping DeliveryFPC Advantage

  • Deep industry knowledge and buying power with a flexible network of integrated carriers in the U.S. and Canada
  • Performance-based measurement & hands on management reduces costs & ensures continuous improvement
  • Industry’s best pre-qualified and trained local service providers
  • Experienced, professional carrier management team
  • Flexible, integrated and open information management system
  • Sophisticated program design and consulting
  • Leveraged buying power enabling standardized pricing / accounting

At International Shipping DeliveryFPC, we use our industry experience and technology to manage a network of the very best international delivery providers in every world market.